Loving Speech and Deep Listening

Loving Speech – Deep Listening, 4th Mindfulness Training

This was the theme for Community Breakfast April 2, 2014.

Practice loving speech and refrain from speaking to others with harsh words.
When we use loving speech, we avoid misunderstanding and much suffering.

Deep listening, compassionate listening, generous listening, listening below the noise, or listening with a third ear the depth of truly being present.

It takes thinking, practicing, thoughtfulness to bring any mindful pattern to our lives.

Loving Speech

Aware of the suffering caused by unmindful speech and to speak with joy, inspiring hope, and confidence requires practice and thoughtfulness. Practice diligence to nourish understanding, love, joy, and inclusiveness and transform anger, violence gradually reducing suffering to me and to others.

I will practice – Not to spread news that I do not know for fact and not to utter words that can cause division or discord.

Deep Listening

With modern social networks we are more connected with the world and yet rarely do we take the time to listen to ourselves and our closest family. How can we listen to ourselves to transform suffering and difficult situations? Listening to others to dislodge the superficial judgemental behaviours that distract us from listening and deepen that feeling of being connected, being present. Solving a problem, winning an argument is not deep listening. Looking deeply, connecting with yourself and others realizing how we are all interconnected generously sharing space.

How to Practice

Spend time silently meditating, sitting quietly.

When movement is necessary, try walking meditation.

Be aware of negative things that you might say and realize that they are rarely of any benefit.

When you are angry, postpone communication. Angry communication escalates usually into monstrous mindlessness.

Take the time to think, practice, be thoughtful.

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