Mindfulness – When Deep Listening and Kind Speech Challenged

When Deep Listening and Kind Speech is Challenged

We’ve all been in situations where we feel like screaming, getting back at someone, or just in a bad situation that seems unsolvable at work or at home.  Some arguments fester for a long time till they break open into messy battles.  Clearly left unresolved the problem many times reoccurs and we wonder why.   Many conflicts start for who knows why and continues on and on.


When anger and emotions are high, this most likely is not the time to figure out how to resolve problems.  Most conflicts are communication problems, think constructively – what can I do to make the situation better.  Find space and time that works to resolve things.


Most people issues probably don’t have a quick or easy solution.  Demonstrating commitment, intention to work towards solution.  Letting problems fester, go on and on is what happens many times.   Be mindful, show desire to find peace.

Inner Voice

Pay attention to your “mind speak” that inner voice that connects to the monkey brain that want to jump out and say something, do something, act on something that probably is not mindful.  Develop meditate on emptying out these stressful ways.  Bring yourself into “present” moment.  Find refuge, develop places to go to reduce stress.

Like to have your thoughts

I’ve been thinking about ever since the last get together and found this difficult.  Please add your comments.


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