Listening to Your Body – it’s smarter than you


How, when, and what is “listen to your body?”  At the beginning of  our yoga class we tune in to the outer layer of the five koshas, annamaya kosha the body. Does one start by  awareness of the entire body from head to toe?  Is this when we align our joints, bones, and spine, engage our muscles, sense the skin?  Do we, can we penetrate into organs, endocrine system?


Reducing distractions – it starts with effort to reduce other things going on.  Doing yoga in the home is hard at times with all the distractions.


Being present – The body like life is constantly changing.  Are we listening, accepting these changes?  So many times we want to be something we are not, we want to be something we were in the past.


Deepening, penetrating awareness – like many things in life and yoga PRACTICE.   Practice begins with experimenting, self study, creativity.  How does one deepen the threshold of unconscious to conscious?


Being mindful – how to pay attention, so many things to think about.

When do we invite others (medical, family) to help us with our bodies?


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