Doug’s Yoga

2011 – Present – Unitarian Church of Evanston – 1330 Ridge, Evanston  Coteach two classes Sunday before service and Wednesday morning yoga classes.  Jessica Tomell-Presto is the other certified yoga instructor, we share the responsibilities.  During the summer have done lay lead sermons on yoga – meditation.

January 2007 – July 2015, Yoga instructor at Metropolitan YMCA where I talk mostly at Leaning Tower YMCA and High Ridge YMCA.   Started teaching Sunday mornings at Leaning Tower Y in Niles and then picked up some classes at High Ridge Y in Chicago.  During the summers with substitutions I taught as many as 13 classes during the week.   From 2013 to 2015 I regularly taught 7 classes per week.

February 2008 – June 2013, Yoga Instructor at Park Ridge Park District Senior Center.  Taught seniors 6-7 participants regularly once a week.

Have taught workshops/events:

Retirement homes, Nursing Homes mostly private clients.

Men’s  retreats – yoga in the morning before breakfast

Partner Yoga – usually done on Valentine’s day

Gong Bath/Meditation – done several times a year

Yoga/Pilates – sometime a Pilates group would like a yoga teacher like myself.

Taught yoga in the workplace during lunch break.

Community Yoga Breakfasts – done once a month for 3 years at Bakers Square Touhy and Western.

Why I started teaching

Started my yoga practice 1994 when a coworker convinced me to go to a class.   I felt the therapeutic effect of breathing, mind, and body mostly the stretching of the hips.  I had been doing several triathlons per year and the hips were wound tight.  The coworker became certified yoga instructor, then started a lunch yoga at work.   I filled in when needed.

I retired at age 55 from Electrical Engineer job 2006, got yoga certified and started teaching yoga.

Teaching Style

Enjoy different styles of teaching/yoga.  Originally I specialized in chair yoga, working with generally older people.  I would do starter classes at retirement and nursing homes.   The YMCA classes were much easy to develop a consistent class base.  I did teach chair yoga at Highride Y for 5 years, satisfying to work with people with neck, shoulder, lower back problems and see sometimes dramatic improvement.

I now teach one or two classes of easy yoga.  A soft, stretching, meditative yoga.  I usually start the with tuning into the body, breath, mind, and thoughtfulness.  Warmup the different parts/movements of the spine usually in seated.  Do some movements in table, continue in standing poses.  Then do some balancing,  hip openers, cool down, ending in relaxation.   I like a class size of 8-12 however adapt to mostly who drops in.  As I get older I like breathing relaxing into the stretch kind of movements.



200 hr Certification Spirit Rising Yoga Chicago  More info/details upon request.