Metro YMCA Yoga Instructors

This page is intended to compile info on yoga teachers that teach at Meto YMCAs.

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yoga teachers at Metro YMCAs

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If you teach yoga at Metro YMCAs and want to be on this list leave a comment below.


13 comments on “Metro YMCA Yoga Instructors
  1. Sara Shafran says:

    Great idea. Thanks Doug!

  2. Mari Kertesz says:

    phone: 773 387 8404

    base: Lake View YMCA

    types: Hatha

  3. Carol Swann says:

    Hi Doug,

    Please do include me on the list of YMCA metro Yoga teachers. I teach Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Children’s Yoga and Family Yoga. My phone is: 773-405-6110.
    My friend and colleague Tom Mertes (great Massage Therapist!)forwarded your e-mail to me. I am available to sub and currently teach in the after school Yoga program at the Irving Park YMCA. I have my 200 hour certification from The Temple of Kriya Yoga, Certification in Meditation from Elesa Commerse and continue to take workshops and trainings. I look forward to meeting you and the YMCA Yoga community! Thank you Doug for putting the work into making the YMCA Yoga instructor list!
    Shanti, Carol

  4. Christine Krumsee says:

    Thanks for doing this, Doug!

    Here is my info:
    McTrib YMCA
    Phone #847-877-3204
    All types of yoga

  5. Tara Charney says:

    Hello! Thanks so much for organizing us, Doug.
    Phone: 773.641.4924
    Base: Lakeview
    Types: Hatha

  6. Kathleen Heneghan says:

    Phone: 773.339.8289
    Base: Leaning Tower YMCA
    Types: Hatha yoga, flow yoga, pre/post natal, yoga for families and yoga for seniors

  7. Danny Garcia says:

    Thanks Doug!
    At High Ridge Y, and also teach/coach land & aquatics fitness. Long-time endurance triathlete.
    Taught Yoga & Pilates at Bally’s and took CorePower Yoga Teacher Training courses in Power and Sculpt Yoga.

  8. Hello Doug…..long time no see….It’s Tom Sandstrom from the old neighborhood. I hope you and Dennis are doing well. I’m down in a plase called League City, Texas. Don’t ask me how I got here….its a long story. Anyway…I was trying to navigate facebook when I got your picture on the classmates venue but I had a difficult time.Anyway….I just thought I would say hell’ Shoot me an e-mail at my address above. Great to hear from you.

    Sincere regards….Tom

  9. Emily Katz says:

    I teach hot yoga and power vinyasa yoga. Base is Lakeview YMCA

  10. Kathleen Heneghan says:

    Hi Doug – Can you change my e-mail to on the sub list? I don’t check my prodigy e-mail as frequently. Thanks!

  11. Kathleen Heneghan says:

    Hello YMCA Yoga Instructors –

    I know that many of us only teach a class or two at the YMCA, which is true for me, and we LOVE the YMCA community.

    I am disappointed about our new pay rates (I received mine today in the mail). I am working on taking a yogic approach to this and I understand the YMCA’s need and desire to standardize rates, but I just wanted to reach out to other instructors.

    I thought that the systematic approach to using Group Ex Pro and premium pay for more classes per pay period that it would make it easier to find subs and would build a better sense of community among instructors, but with the lower rates I think it may make it more difficult. I’m not sure how to process this new information and welcome any feedback from other instructors.

    Of course, feel free to reply back to me individually.


    Kathleen Heneghan
    773.339.8289 cell

    • Doug says:

      Thanks to Kathleen and all others who have worked to improve the yoga at our Metro Ys. After seven almost 8 years of teaching 6-8 yoga classes a week at LTY and HRY I’ve decided to take some time off. Finding subs, keeping certs current, and a “Metro” wide system of paying yoga teachers led to my resignation. For me I could not see myself coming back. I was the first one at HRY MWF yoga started in gym at 730am. Consistently the temperature was not right. Working to make this one thing better I found difficult. Making the best of it was what I was doing for the most part. Rules, mandatory meeting (two Ys), taking a lot of non yoga courses. Feeling like it was going to get worse not better.

      My daughter got married Aug 1 in Brainerd MN. Had a great time! The father daughter dance was a tango, check out the video and pics .

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